Writing About Issues


A topic, usually controversial, that is being discussed or debated. Politicians often say they want to talk about the issues, rather than their personal problems (which are not an issue). The word issue is also used figuratively: “he has some issues.”

A problem or controversy. The issue of whether to allow women to participate in combat is a major issue for the military.

The main point or argument of a piece of writing. An article is an important way to spread information and ideas, so the writer must focus on one issue at a time.

To put something out: If the post office issues new stamps, they are putting them out for public use. If someone has a mental health issue, they have a problem that needs attention.

If you have an issue, you have a problem that is important to your life or career. If you are having trouble with your relationship, counseling might help you work through it.

A complication or set of problems that is interrelated: Covid-19 has created a lot of issues for students. Some schools have shut down and others are having to make changes to their curriculum.

To write about an issue, you must decide what it is and research it thoroughly. When you have your facts, state your opinion in a clear and concise manner. Avoid using sarcasm or ridicule, and do not denigrate people or groups of people. Use a strong opening, such as an anecdote that zooms in on the topic of your article.