Writing About Issues

Issues are topics that push people’s buttons, whether they are political or personal. They can range from the latest celebrity death or stock market gyrations to the controversies that arise on reality TV shows. Writing about issues can be a great way to attract readership and op-ed editors, but it’s important to take care with your tone and approach. If you’re writing about a sensitive subject, it’s best to avoid using strong language and making personal attacks.

The word “issue” has many synonyms, including: affair, matter, concern, debate, dispute, problem, question, point, matter of contention. See also related words below:

A number that is issued or distributed, especially a particular edition of a periodical: He has an issue of the magazine that came out yesterday.

Something that is the source or subject of controversy: He has a lot of issues with his boss.

An opinion or viewpoint on a topic: The candidate has some serious issues to work through before he can win the election.

The song “Issues” by Julia Michaels is a popular example of an issue song. The lyrics describe a person with some mental health problems. It received a Song of the Year nomination at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards and was nominated for a Billboard Music Award for Best Pop/Rock Song in 2018.

The band formed in 2013 after members Michael Bohn and Tyler Carter left their previous group, Woe Is Me. Issues features bassist Cory Ferris, drummer AJ Rebollo, and keyboardist Ben Ferris, with the group releasing a self-titled debut studio album in 2014 on Rise Records. They have performed at numerous music festivals, including the Vans Warped Tour and the Reading and Leeds Festivals.