Writing About Issues


A topic or matter that is open for discussion, debate, or dispute. Often a controversial one: the issue of whether it is appropriate to discuss a celebrity’s private life at work. Also: a problem, difficulty, or concern: He has major issues with trust. The company has financial issues. A problem that affects a person: He has anger management issues.

A set of coins or stamps made available at one time by a government, business, or organization: The post office issued new issues.

In a newspaper article, a writer explains an important issue and its implications to readers. The best articles are well researched, engaging, and entertaining. They have a unique perspective or angle that readers can relate to and find useful. The goal is to inform, educate, and inspire.

In blogging, an issue-oriented article is a topic that pushes people’s buttons. It’s fine to inject your opinion, but be careful not to make it offensive. Identify the issues that really bother your audience and then present facts and statistics to back them up. Use your writing skills to present your argument in a convincing manner without insulting anyone’s beliefs or opinions.

In a troubleshooting article, you explain the problems that a reader may encounter and offer steps to fix them. Each step must be clearly explained, with no ambiguity, so that the reader can follow your instructions. A successful article will help the reader solve his or her problem and improve performance.