What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a connection to what is sacred and meaningful in life. It can be connected to a deity, spirit or energy; it may involve practices and beliefs that inspire both wonder and humility. People who are spiritual may be religious, non-religious or somewhere in between. They may be interested in religion but not necessarily practice it, or they may not practice any religious beliefs at all (Lerner, et al., 2008).

Many people find comfort and peace in finding a spirituality that works with their life and values. It helps them cope with the ups and downs of life, understand that they are part of a larger purpose, and make their actions more meaningful. It also teaches them to recognise what matters most in their lives and to let go of things that aren’t important.

There are different ways to express spirituality, such as reading or listening to spiritual texts, contemplation and meditation. Some traditions have more ritual, such as praying or chanting, while others have less. Often, these activities are done in a group with other spiritual people.

Other ways to become more spiritual are to volunteer or take part in community service, or to connect with nature or other living things. Spirituality can also help us feel more connected to each other, especially when times are tough. It can be helpful to talk about your spirituality with a trusted adult such as a parent or teacher, or even a counselor.