What Is News?


News is a story about current events that has been obtained by journalists and conveyed to the public through newspapers, TV or radio. Its purpose is to inform, educate and entertain readers, listeners or viewers.

What makes an event newsworthy varies from society to society. In some cultures, it is considered newsworthy to have a man bite his dog. In others, it is not. In general, though, newsworthy events are usually those that affect a lot of people. A major earthquake in a country with millions of people living in it, for example, is likely to make the news. An economic crisis that affects many investors, causing businesses to close and jobs to be lost, will also likely be newsworthy.

Typically, the most important information is provided in the first paragraph of a story. This is called the inverted pyramid structure, and it allows the reader to quickly understand what has happened. The second and third paragraphs provide more details, if necessary.

The content of news articles can vary from serious to lighthearted, but the aim of all is to inform and educate the audience. In this way, a free press can be an invaluable tool for society. It can be used to expose corrupt governments and companies, promote accountability and transparency, and help the public understand complex issues. However, if news reports are biased, unreliable or deceitful, they will lose their effectiveness. This is why it’s important for news to be impartial and accurate at all times.