The Meaning of Accessories

Accessories elevate an outfit, add interest and allow a person’s unique personality to shine. From statement jewellery that exudes elegance to functional bags that merge style with utility, there are endless accessories to play with that can transform an ensemble into a chic look. When accessorizing, balance is key. Too many items can overwhelm an outfit; instead, choose one accessory to dominate in size or colour, then add subtle pieces around it.

Whether it’s your favourite earrings, a colourful silk scarf or a Victorian-inspired cameo, embracing heritage and cultural influences in the design of accessories can add dimension to your personal style journey. It’s also important to adapt your accessories to the occasion – this showcases both your creativity and your fashion savvy.

The meaning of accessories:

a thing added to something else, especially a person, for their convenience or attractiveness, such as a handbag or hat. The term is derived from the Latin word for “additive,” as in, adding to or increasing something. Throughout history, accessories have been essential to our survival and daily lives. They provide comfort, ease and safety. They can change our moods and self-image. They can transform a simple shirt and pants into a stylish outfit and turn an event into an experience.