The Importance of Technology in the Workplace


Technology is a broad term that encompasses many different things. It can refer to tangible objects such as utensils and machines, or intangible concepts like computer software. The concept is a crucial part of science and engineering, but it also plays an important role in everyday life. The use of technology in the workplace is a great way to increase productivity and make business operations easier. From apps that send reminders to overdue tasks to tools that help track sales figures and ROI, incorporating technology in the workplace can have an immediate impact on the success of your company.

Whether it’s the sublime of planetary science or the mundane of changing gear while driving, technology has changed the world in countless ways. It’s a powerful force that can have both positive and negative consequences, so it’s important to understand how and why it works as well as the limitations of its influence.

This article by Eric Schatzberg is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of technology. It lays out a comprehensive overview of the topic and effectively draws upon the best historiography in the field.