The Importance of Relationships


Relationships are a crucial part of our social support network that is essential to our mental health and well-being. Relationships may be close and intimate or distant and challenging. When relationships break down it can have a major impact on our self-esteem and feelings of loneliness.

In a healthy relationship, each person can be their true selves around their significant other. They can have different hobbies and interests, and both should respect each other’s boundaries. They can discuss the things they like, and they can also talk about their worries, fears, dreams, and aspirations. They can have fun together and can help each other stay on track when it comes to exercise and healthy eating habits.

They can be a sounding board for each other when they are stressed or sad, and they can cheer each other up. They can also help each other be more successful at work and in their personal lives. Being in a long-term relationship can cut down on the stress of finding someone to go out with and reduces the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

Sometimes we get into a relationship not because of love but because it makes sense. We can have chemistry with someone, they might be good looking and have a great job, so we think that they are marriage material. However, this type of relationship usually ends up being just for sex. Eventually you realize that you just don’t have feelings for them anymore and the relationship ends up going nowhere.