Spirituality and Connectedness


Spirituality is a search for meaning, purpose and truth in life, beliefs and values by which people live, and feelings of hope, love, connection, inner peace, comfort and support. Spirituality can include religious traditions centering on a belief in higher power or a universal spirit, as well as secular practices that focus on health and wellness.

About 27% of those who describe themselves as spiritual say they are tied to organized religion, while another 4% explicitly express their opposition or nonparticipation in religion. But a significant majority of those who identify as spiritual – 88% – say they believe in something that is greater than themselves, whether it is a higher power, nature, or their own inner being.

Several dimensions were identified in the literature as a starting point for understanding spirituality, and the ways in which it may influence connectedness. We have consolidated them into the following framework:

These dimensions may be measured using currently available validated tools, including the Spirituality-Related Beliefs and Practices Scale (SRBPS; Hyman and Handal, 2006) and the Spiritual Involvement and Beliefs Scale (SIBS; Hyman and Hall, 1998). See our Research page for more information. Interested in learning more? Try our Connectedness Evaluation, sign up for email updates, or follow Science of Connectedness on Instagram. You can also reach out to Sarah E. Koss, PhD, MA, MDiv, MPH by sending her a message. Thanks to all our supporters for making this work possible!