How to Write an Issues Paper


Issues are the things that people are discussing or arguing about. They are important subjects and often controversial. They can be good topics for essay writing.

How to Write an Issues Paper: Identify and Explore Topics

Issue analysis is an approach to analyzing an issue. It involves breaking down an issue – which usually consists of many different ideas and opinions – into distinct pieces, and then reassembling them into a thesis that presents your informed interpretation of the topic.

It is a method of thinking that requires careful observations and thoughtful reflections, and supports your analysis with various forms of evidence. Expect college writing assignments to ask you to analyze an issue and present your own opinion, based on sound logical reasoning and supported by appropriate sources of evidence.

The difference between an issue and a problem is size. An issue is typically smaller and less life altering, and can be handled privately by the affected parties.

A problem, on the other hand, is larger in scale and has the potential to cause significant harm. It can be hard to resolve, and may require the help of others.

There are also several other differences between an issue and a problem, including the way in which they affect a person’s day-to-day life. For example, a software bug is generally an issue, but if it has the potential to affect the business’s operations, it becomes a problem. It is easier to resolve a software bug than a business IT problem, which can have more serious consequences.