Home Improvement and Real Estate

Home improvement

Home improvement is the repair, maintenance or decoration of a residential home. It includes projects that alter the outside of the house, inside rooms or other areas of the property such as gardens and patios. It also includes the installation of fixtures and other improvements. The industry has experienced excellent growth results in recent years. This was especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many consumers redoubled their efforts to renovate their homes.

According to Houzz, the home improvement industry is booming because homeowners are eager to upgrade their properties to make them more attractive and comfortable. They are also trying to enhance their home’s value to prepare it for resale.

The most popular home improvement projects include installing a new roof, repaving the driveway and remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. Other projects, such as adding a deck or building a fence, are also surging in popularity.

But not all home improvement projects will increase a property’s value. Experts say some renovations can actually decrease a property’s value. For example, if you build an in-ground pool and it doesn’t match the style of your neighborhood, it can be a turnoff for prospective buyers.

The best way to maximize a home renovation’s impact on the property’s value is to choose wisely. Real estate agents can help you determine the most effective upgrades based on the market and your specific needs. They can also recommend contractors with a track record of success in your area.