Global Issues


An issue is a topic for debate or discussion. It may refer to a point of disagreement or controversy:

People have been trying to tackle the global issues of poverty, climate change, water shortages and gender inequality for decades. These are complex problems that need global solutions.

Women and girls face barriers to education, health care and financial independence. These obstacles can lead to a lack of opportunity and increase risk for violence, disease, mental health problems and chronic conditions.

About a billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water. This can be due to poor infrastructure or conflict and displacement. It also creates a risk for diseases like diarrhea and preventable cancers.

Substance abuse is a worldwide problem. It affects all classes of society. Some of the most common substances are alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine stimulants and opiates.

The number of people with limited or no access to adequate shelter is a major issue globally. This can affect everything from public health and well-being to social relationships and community development.