Careers in Financial Services

Financial services

Whether it’s lending money, paying for goods and services, or saving for the future, financial services make the world go around. The industry is changing at a rapid pace and digital technology has opened new doors for banks, fintechs, credit unions and other challengers. However, with many people struggling with debt and basic money management, it’s vital that more is done to build customers’ financial wellbeing.

The financial services industry is huge, with a lot of different sectors and companies. It covers everything from banking and credit to investments and insurance. The industry is regulated by governments and international bodies to ensure that it operates within the law.

Some financial services firms have a large global footprint while others are much smaller. Smaller companies might focus on a particular sector, such as investment banking or private equity. A key aspect of the industry is its customer-centric approach. The industry must anticipate customers’ needs, deliver the right products at the right time, and use data to understand how they are using financial services.

Careers in the finance industry can be rewarding and varied. Entry-level roles are often well paid and offer the opportunity to progress quickly. There are also a number of different sectors within the finance industry, such as investment banking and retail banking. The more experience you have in your chosen specialism, the greater your earning potential. Choosing to specialise early on can help you reach the top of your career in the industry.