Buying Furniture Online


Furniture is movable objects used to support various activities of human life such as sitting (chairs, sofas) and lying down for sleep or rest (beds). It also holds objects at a convenient height for work (tables, desks and benches). In addition to its functional role, it can be a form of decorative art. Furniture can be found in many forms and styles over time, ranging from whimsically inspired by nature to conservatively traditional.

The earliest furniture was a mix of utilitarian and ceremonial items, with the first evidence appearing in the homes at Skara Brae in Scotland around 3500 BC. Later, complex construction techniques such as joinery began to be employed, and the neolithic period saw stone furniture such as cabinets and tables. Furniture also became a symbol of wealth as people created and kept pieces of value.

Modern furniture tends to be more sculptural in form, with pieces that are functional but still show off the skill of the designer and craftsmanship. The postmodern style, which intersected with the Pop art movement in the 1960s and 80s, saw designers like Jasper Morrison and Sam Maloof creating functional but aesthetically intriguing furniture. Transitional pieces that bridge the gap between Traditional and Modern styles are also available.

When shopping for furniture, be sure to examine the retailer’s return policy and quality ratings carefully. Shoppers should consider shipping costs, too. Online retailers that offer “white-glove” delivery can provide an extra level of service, but it will be more expensive.